Jason Edmunds

Jason Edmunds

Distinguished Expedition Leader

cross-cultural icebreaking

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Jason Edmunds, an Inuk from Nunatsiavut, Canada is a distinguished expedition leader. Raised in coastal Labrador, Jason’s early life connects him deeply to the land and his Inuit heritage. Now based in Ontario, Jason lives a hybrid life, drawing from the environment he was raised in whilst applying those skills as an educator and guide. He weaves this heritage into his work, challenging systemic inequities and educating non-indigenous people from around the world. His work in capacity-building furthers competence, confidence, and scope of Inuit in the exploration in the Arctic. As an educator, he works with all ages sharing Inuit essentials and nuances. Jason’s approach celebrates cultural differences, closes knowledge gaps, and contributes to the reconciliation of western notions of exploration with indigenous people.

cross-cultural icebreaking
Nominated by: Trevor Wallace, MN'13
Class of 2024 Location Nunatsiavut

Jason Edmunds, an Inuk from Nunatsiavut, is driven by a profound sense of obligation and responsibility. His journey in the expedition as an expedition leader and cultural educator is fueled by the belief that possessing the skills and tools to make a difference imposes a duty to challenge and change systemic barriers. 

At this critical juncture in history, Jason’s work is of paramount importance due to widespread misconceptions and misinformation about Inuit and indigenous cultures. These misunderstandings have been perpetuated since first contact, influencing societal systems and shaping policies that often marginalize indigenous voices. Canada is at a pivotal moment where flaws in understanding indigenous issues are more visible, and there is a growing recognition that reconciliation is not just an indigenous issue but a national one. Jason sees this period of questioning as a vital opportunity to redirect momentum and influence change.

As indigenous voices increasingly influence national policy, the role of educating and facilitating cross-cultural communication is crucial.

- Jason Edmunds

In a climate of heightened political polarization, Jason understands the urgency of education and engaging in challenging conversations. His approach is not about seeking immediate solutions but rather fostering a general understanding and a path towards resolution. As indigenous voices increasingly influence national policy, Jason’s role in educating and facilitating cross-cultural communication becomes crucial. His efforts aim to reshape the narrative, emphasizing that indigenous issues are integral to the national fabric and require a collaborative, informed, and respectful approach.

In essence, Jason Edmunds’ work is a testament to the power of cultural education and advocacy in driving societal change, particularly at a time when understanding and reconciling indigenous perspectives are more critical than ever in shaping a just and inclusive future. Jason takes his work to classrooms across Canada and to the greatest classroom of all in the field in polar environments.

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