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Each year, The Explorers Club recognizes 50 extraordinary people who are doing remarkable work to promote science and exploration, but remain under the radar and out of the limelight.

These 50 individuals are exploring, inspiring, and creating the future—the future of the planet, life upon it, and the boundless possibilities that await us all.

Joshua Powell FI'21 surveys the horizon for elusive species in Kyrgyzstan Author: Stephanie Foote
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Class of 2024

In our fourth year, as our cohort grows to 200 incredible explorers around the world, the EC50 class of 2024 serves as a beacon for what's next. These individuals are heroes, heroes for their communities, for disappearing species, for rivers and oceans, for the planet we call home. Their work is defining the next frontier of exploration as we know it.
view the class of 2024
view the class of 2024

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