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Sian Proctor


from geology to galaxies

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A geoscientist, explorer, space artist, and science communication specialist with a passion for space exploration, Dr. Proctor encourages people to use their unique one-of-a-kind strengths to inspire those within their reach and beyond. She has completed four analog space missions and believes that when we solve issues for human spaceflight, we also solve issues on Earth. She promotes sustainable food preservation techniques to reduce food waste on Earth. She joined JOIDES Resolution Expedition 383, was an Urban-Sustainability-in-India Fellow, a NOAA Teacher at Sea, an Astronomy in Chile Educator Ambassador, and a PolarTREC Teacher.

from geology to galaxies
Nominated by: Shawna Pandaya FI'19
Class of 2021 Location Arizona, USA
Author: Sian Proctor

As a geoscientist, it is generally expected that your research will focus on scientific discoveries in the field over science communication, but I have found true value in thinking about how knowledge is learned and successfully communicated. After a master’s in geology, I pursued a doctorate in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in science education. I wanted to be a good teacher.

During my 20+ years as a community college professor, I have traveled and taught around the world. I have given talks at CERN, the Adler Planetarium, and The Franklin Institute. I was the first community college professor invited to speak at the University of Minnesota’s geology seminar. I am changing the perception of community college professors who can contribute as much as university professors.

Sian taking a selfie with HISEAS
Sian taking a selfie with HISEAS Author: Sian Proctor

“I use exploration to inspire people to explore our world and beyond.”

- Sian Proctor

Science communication has now become increasingly more popular due to social media. The real impact of this will be how we, as a science communication community, influence climate change perception. Geoscientists at the forefront of this battle sense that the only way to obtain success is through solid research and well-thought-out communication strategies.

I use exploration to inspire people to explore our world and beyond. I share what I have learned with others. I lived in the NASA-funded HI-SEAS habitat for four months investigating food strategies for long-duration spaceflight. After living in the Mars simulation, I wrote the Meals for Mars Cookbook.

I get people to think differently about exploration, science communication, and open access to knowledge. I believe it is important to provide access to unique places that most people will never have a chance to experience. We accomplish this through digital technology and science communication.

Author: Erin Bonilla
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