Sandra Kwak
Sandra Kwak with Haitian solar partner Fred Brisson at an installation

Sandra Kwak

Climate Justice and Renewable Energy Entrepreneur

an equitable renewable energy revolution

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Sandra Kwak is CEO and Founder of 10Power, a certified Benefit Corporation supporting  communities from Haiti to Native American Tribal Nations to develop renewable energy projects for climate justice with a workforce development and gender equity lens. Sandra is a board member at the Foundation for Climate Restoration and a partner at ResilientMarkets. Previously she worked with AutoGrid, a Virtual Power Plant company acquired by Schneider Electric. Sandra has a Sustainable MBA from Presidio and BA in Political Science from Emory. She enjoys teaching, public speaking (TEDx Fourth World Nation Building), appearing on podcasts (Commonwealth Club), activism with Extinction Rebellion, and singing (The Seastars) and cycling with her spouse and child in their home state of California.

an equitable renewable energy revolution
Nominated by: Brandi DeCarli, MR'21
Class of 2024 Location USA
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Sandra Kwak with Chief Doctor Henry Red Cloud of Red Cloud Renewables
Sandra Kwak with Chief Doctor Henry Red Cloud of Red Cloud Renewables

10Power’s mission is 100% renewables for 100% of humanity. We have been working since 2015 in Haiti, where ~70% of the population does not have electricity. We developed the largest solar + storage project on any UNICEF base in the world at the time of installation at UNICEF Haiti. 10Power also built a solar-powered water desalination plant providing clean drinking water to ~40,000 people and launched a Haitian women in solar workforce development program with our local partners. Our projects continue to support local operations & maintenance jobs. 

We are currently focused on working with Native American communities, who have the highest energy poverty rates in the US: 14% of households without electricity and an energy burden 2-3X that of the national average. Tribes are disproportionately experiencing the impacts of climate catastrophe. Simultaneously, indigenous peoples are stewards of 36% of the world’s remaining forests and 80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity.

Solving climate change is the challenge and responsibility of our time. With every moment we delay, life as we know it on this planet is slipping away.

- Sandra Kwak

10Power is supporting Tribes’ self-determined efforts to diminish poverty, mitigate climate change, and achieve true energy sovereignty through renewables. We work directly with community members and organizations to access capital, develop innovative business models and expand existing models to reduce energy costs, establish revenue generating opportunities, and create jobs in tribal communities.

The future I am working to build is one in which every being can achieve their highest potential regardless of their gender, race or circumstances they were born into. We are in the midst of a great transition and it is up to all of us to help steward this collective evolution through which humankind will re-indigenize and remember how to be a regenerative and participating species, supporting and cultivating conditions for all life on planet earth to thrive.

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