Samuel E Suleimán Ramos
Coral fragmenting Author: Edwin Hernández

Samuel E Suleimán Ramos

Marine Biologist

Marine marvels

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A scuba instructor with a biology education from the University of Puerto Rico, Samuel Ramos created a scuba school called Ambiente Marino with which he explores his country above and below the water. Bringing his students together with other divers, they began to remove garbage that they saw on land and on the bottom of the sea. They created Sociedad Ambiente Marino (SAM), a nonprofit organization that has allowed them to continue exploring and learning about their country and the Caribbean, while also giving others the chance to do so.

Marine marvels
Nominated by: Kevin McCarey FN'19
Class of 2021 Location Puerto Rico
After work on Culebra Island
After work on Culebra Island Author: Pedro Alejandro

Over the years, the work done by many volunteers at Sociedad Ambiente Marino has positively impacted the coral reefs offshore of the Municipality of Culebra Island. This is a model for other islands in the Caribbean as well as for other countries in Central and South America. The restoration work on the coral reef in Culebra has impacted the area environmentally and economically. For the future, I would like new generations to enjoy what was adversely impacted in the past.

“People have to compromise and take responsibility to provide for, and serve, others instead of themselves. We need collaboration without competition.”

- Samuel E Suleimán Ramos

I really love what I do. I love to travel and learn from different cultures and to look for answers while exploring new dimensions. The ocean provides an immense field to explore and an opportunity to have a better world. I think my lasting legacy, or greatest contribution to my field, will be the understanding that everyone has a role. We must train and develop the people who have the passion and willingness to make the Earth better. Sometimes it is necessary to push a little harder. People have to compromise and take responsibility to provide for, and serve, others instead of themselves. We need collaboration without competition.

My biggest influence was my grandfather, a fisherman who taught me love and respect for the ocean. We watched adventures from National Geographic and the documentaries of Jacques Cousteau. We did not have the resources to go beyond the nearby reefs, but he allowed me to snorkel at five-years old. In 1985 my grandfather passed away, yet my expeditions continued with Puerto Rico’s SCUBA Divers Association in the late 1980s and with SAM in 2001.

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