Moses Pulei

Moses Pulei


Healing through education

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Moses Pulei, PhD, was born on the boarder of Kenya in the village of Namanga. He grew up raising goats and sheep that belong to his family. At a young age, he got a chance to go to the local elementary school. Later, he qualified for a high school scholarship to Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington.

Healing through education
Nominated by: David Dolan MED'03
Class of 2022 Location USA

Currently, I am running both a high school and operating a tree preservation project.

The high school I run was initially intended to help Maasai girls avoid genital mutilation and early marriage. Initially, we only enrolled young Maasai women. After realizing that in order to have a lasting impact, both sexes need to be trained, we included boys in our mission. Now 250 students are enrolled in our training program.

I am also working with different communities to help them plant trees. Since most trees in East Africa are cut down for energy, I work with women groups, training them to use biomass to make briquettes. To save the old trees, we are partnering with companies that are trading in carbon in order to pay the community for carbon sinks. Therefore, our communities have become converters of carbon to oxygen.

“I started going on hikes, not to just reach the summit but also to clean the trails and plant a tree.”

- Moses Pulei

On two different expeditions, I realized people trashed the trails and that trees were being cut down. I started going on hikes, not to just reach the summit but also to clean the trails and plant a tree. On an expedition to Mount Kenya, one female participant asked, “Why do you think just empowering women is going to change the world? I need to be married to a man with the same values one day.” That’s why Oloile secondary school began enrolling boys!

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