Mark Hannaford
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Mark Hannaford

Extreme Medicine Pioneer

Building the health networks of the future

meet mark

Mark is the founder of World Extreme Medicine, Across the Divide Expeditions, MSc Extreme Medicine (Exeter University) and the world’s largest subject matter conference. An innovative and entrepreneurial leader, Mark’s passion is to bring inspirational people together to build networks in remote, disaster, and humanitarian medicine to improve standards. A former special forces reserve soldier involved with expeditions for over 30 years, he is also an award-winning photographer.

Building the health networks of the future
Nominated by: Shawna Pandaya FI'19
Class of 2021 Location Global

I have wanted to explore since I was a young child. It has been a burning imperative from the moors of Dartmoor to Patagonia in my late teens. Working as a trekking guide for Lindblad National Geographic Expeditions in North Africa, Syria and Jordan, I embarked on a five-continent expeditionary career, leading to my own expedition company ‘Across the Divide Expeditions.

To train a cohort of skilled expedition medics to support our ventures we established a robust internal training program which eventually became a public course. We built an amazing network of maverick medics who want to impact society positively, go on adventures, and care for people. With our academic program, we are now producing original research and pushing at the boundaries of knowledge. World Extreme Medicine (WEM) bridges fields of medicine in Space & Aviation, Disaster & Humanitarian efforts, Expeditions, and Military & Special Forces. At the very heart of WEM’s offering is an annual not-for-profit conference to encourage peer-to-peer learning.

“We built an amazing network of maverick medics who want to impact society positively, go on adventures and care for people.”

- Mark Hannaford
Delivering medicine in polar climes
Delivering medicine in polar climes

MSc Extreme Medicine is a robust academic and practical program I co-created with Exeter University to prepare medical professionals for operations in austere, low-resource environments. Our community has free access to a forward-thinking digital learning platform and to the physical Academy of Extreme Medicine with a world-class faculty.

For me each day brings new challenges and excitement. I get to contribute to our world plus I get to work with some of the most enthusiastic, bright, no-barriers, outstanding folk in the world! I love my work!

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