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Brandi Decarli is the Founding Partner of Farm from a Box, a cleantech-powered infrastructure for community-based local food production. She is currently a SHEEO Venture, a board member of Jordanian agritech accelerator Hassad, and a rising talent with the Women’s Forum. She is a frequent global speaker on technology’s role in climate resilience, economic empowerment, and women’s leadership, including her TEDx Talk, “How Technology and Togetherness Can Transform Our World.” Brandi is passionate about rejecting old rules and driving positive change in the world through innovation, compassion, and connection.

Farm from a box
Nominated by: Lee Langan MED'99
Class of 2021 Location New York, USA

Everyone should have access to healthy food produced in a way that benefits the land and regenerates life. We failed to meet the foundational need of food for almost 700 million people last year. This trajectory will have 840 million people chronically hungry by 2030. Local farms, the ecological gatekeepers of our future, are our greatest asset towards achieving zero hunger and average about two acres. Our goal is to revolutionize local food production and enable communities to grow their own nutritious food with clean technology.

Farm from a Box is designed as a modular, plug and play infrastructure that provides independent solar power, water-efficient drip irrigation, cold storage, connectivity, and a data platform that can optimize efficiencies and provide remote support. This technology can help us grow more efficiently at the community level while conserving resources and reducing our impact. Rather than directing advances in technology towards furthering an extractive industry, we uplift local and regional food production with a regenerative modular system designed to increase production sustainability and efficiency. Instead of mass production, our mission is to empower production by the masses.

“Everyone should have access to healthy food produced in a way that benefits the land and regenerates life.”

- Brandi DeCarli

Just outside of the Nyagaruso refugee settlement in Tanzania, we arrived at a field covered in shrubs and trees, without a clearing in site. I asked those who assembled to gather every tool they had. I walked the field parameter, trailed by curious laughing children, counting my paces. As I grabbed a machete and started chopping the nearest shrub, everyone burst into action. The villagers of Kalimungoma had named the farm “Ushirikiano,” which is Swahili for “the spirit of working together.” True to its name, that field was the spirit of working together. This simple but powerful moment showed me just how much can be achieved through collective action. Across language and culture, acting with togetherness is ultimately how we make great things happen.

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